Lion King Dvd

lion king dvd
Lion king dvd

The lion king dvd is a film produced by walt disney and released in 1994 and is one of many disney animated feature films to be released in cinemas videos and dvd for public viewing .

The lion king was directed by roger allers and rob minkoff and produced by don hahn .Most of the original songs where written by composer and song writers elton john and tim rice ,the score of the movie was completed by hans zimmer .

The animated film has a large voice cast that includes many famous film and movie stars including mathew broderick,jeremy irons ,whoopi goldberg,jonathon taylor thomas to name a few .

The story of the lion king takes place within the kingdom of lions in africa and tells the story of a young lion called simba .Simba as a young lion is next in line to succeed his father mufasa as king of the pride lands,however simbas father mufasa is murdered by simbas uncle scar.Simba feeling he was responsible for the murder of his father mufasa runs away and is forced into exile .When simba matures into an adult lion he takes some valuable advise from his childhood friend nala and his shaman or intermediary between the normal world and the supernatural worlds.

Simba then makes a decision to return and challenge scar and to end scars rule and claim his place as the rightful king in the circle of life .The murder of mufasa by his jealous younger brother scar takes place when scar sets a trap for his brother the king and simba luring them into a gorge and having a large heard of wilderbeast stampede into them and trying to kill simba.Scar informs mufasa of the impending danger to simba knowing that the king will do everything possible and rush to save his son.King mufasa manages to save simba but ends up himself hanging from the edge of the gorge .Scar seeing what has happened refuses to help his brother the king and watches him fall to his death .

With mufasa dead, scar sets out to convince simba that his fathers death was his fault and advises simba to leave the kingdom.Scar in a devious move orders hyenas to kill simba the cub but he manages to escape.Scar manages to convince the pride that both mufasa and simba were killed in the stampede and puts himself forward as the new king of the pride .With simba in exile he grows up in the jungle with two new friends timon a meercat and pumbaa a warthog living a carefree life with no worries.

When simba becomes a young lion he meets up with a lioness called nala and they soon fall in love .Nala advises and urges simba to return home to the pride lands which have now become a wasteland under the reighn of the false king scar.The ghost of simbas father mufasa visits him and tells him he must return and take up his position as rightful king .Simba knowing that he cant forever run from the past returns home to the pride lands to confront scar.

To complete this story please watch the lion king dvd i think you will enjoy the adventure .

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